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Neat-n-Tidy™ - The Ultimate Combo Crib Storage Organizer

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Are you in a hurry to change your little one and you can't find all that you need in order to do so? Now you can keep all their essentials together in one place, neat and tidy!

PARTITIONS FOR EVERYTHING: This awesome portable crib organizer comes with 7 different partitions where you can store things separately. The diaper partition comes with a zipper to prevent dust. Your bottle holder partition has two fully insulated holders to control the bottle temperature. There is a baby wipe section for easy access as well as a small shelf for your baby care items. You have your clothes section which is quite a large one and two more for other essentials.

7 partitions for easy access


MULTI-SCENARIO USE: The organizer can split in three sections so you can use each section according to your needs. You can hang it in different places. Or use all the partitions for different purposes.